Once you are regularly attending Wirral Pathfinders support groups, you may be asked if you wish to become a group member. All group membership applications are approved by the Pathfinders Committee. Group membership costs £2 a year and is usually payable in May at, or around the time of, the Annual General Meeting, however new members can join at any point in the year.

After 3 months of group membership and with regular attendance at support group meetings*, Pathfinders can provide some excellent member benefits with the aim to provide social opportunities.

These are paid for by Wirral Pathfinders and will usually include (subject to funding):


• Monthly Ten-pin Bowling
• Activities such as cinema trips
• Meals out
• Day trips
• Annual Christmas Meal


After long-term membership and regular attendance at support group meetings *there may be an opportunity to gain financial support from the group for reasonable respite breaks. All applications for respite breaks must be submitted to the committee and individual approval will be based on available funding,length of membership,attendances at support group meetings and contribution to the group.

*Regular attendance, and therefore eligibility for benefits/activities, is quantified by attending a SUPPORT group meeting at least once every fortnight in the three month period prior to the activity. Members who fail to meet the eligibility requirements and non-members are still welcome to attend Wirral Pathfinders activities, however they will be expected to pay for themselves.
This decision was made by the Pathfinders Committee in light of available funding.

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